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Wine Rack Triple

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    Adding Elegance to Wine Moments: Introducing the Bootle Holder

    In the world of wine, where every sip is a journey and every bottle holds a story, the presentation matters just as much as the taste. Meet the Bootle Holder, a wine rack that goes beyond function to elevate your wine presentations with its artistic touch. Crafted by bending five layers of natural wood, this holder promises to infuse a stylish aura into your wine moments. Let's delve into the details of this enchanting piece and how it can transform your spaces.

    Crafting Beauty: The Artistry of the Bootle Holder

    Imagine the careful bending of natural wood, layer upon layer, forming a harmonious creation that merges art and functionality. The Bootle Holder stands as a testament to this craft, an exquisite wine rack that isn't just a holder but a piece of art that elevates the essence of wine.

    Colors that Speak: Personalizing Your Bootle Holder

    Your choice of wine reflects your taste; shouldn't your wine rack do the same? The Bootle Holder offers a range of colors in the options section, allowing you to personalize this piece to match your individual style and preferences.

    Versatility Redefined: Placing the Bootle Holder

    Whether in the heart of your kitchen or as a centerpiece in your living area, the Bootle Holder seamlessly adapts to any space, adding an element of sophistication and transforming ordinary corners into wine sanctuaries.

    Dimensions of Impact: Making a Statement

    In the world of design, dimensions hold the power to make a statement. The Bootle Holder strikes a harmonious balance with its dimensions – a diameter of 17.5 cm and a height of 10.5 cm – capturing attention without overwhelming the surroundings.

    Lightweight Elegance: Balancing Form and Function

    Weight is often symbolic of significance, but the Bootle Holder defies this notion. With an average weight of just 1 kg, it blends elegance and utility, providing a lightweight solution to enhancing your wine experiences.

    Evka's Touch of Excellence: Merging Tradition and Innovation

    Behind every remarkable creation stands a brand with a legacy. The Bootle Holder is born from the craftsmanship of Evka, a brand known for its dedication to quality and innovation, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

    Material Matters: Celebrating Nature's Beauty

    Material selection isn't arbitrary; it shapes both aesthetics and durability. The Bootle Holder's affinity for wood celebrates the beauty of nature, infusing warmth and authenticity into its design.

    Functional Beauty: Exploring the Features

    Solid Connection Points: The Bootle Holder and its accompanying accessories offer stability and ease of use, ensuring they can be integrated effortlessly into your spaces.

    Industrial-Grade Wood: Every solid wood model is crafted using industrial-type invoiced trees, sourced from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's tenders.

    Safe Glass Inclusions: Safe glass (tempered glass) is incorporated into glass-containing products, blending safety with sophistication.

    Easy Maintenance: Maintaining the Bootle Holder's allure is a breeze – a gentle wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient, avoiding chemical products that might harm its surface.

    Specifications that Impress: Sizing and More

    With dimensions of 17 x 30.5 cm, the Bootle Holder's size makes a subtle yet significant impact, displaying your wine collection with finesse.

    FAQs: Addressing Your Curiosities

    Q1: Can the Bootle Holder accommodate larger wine bottles? While designed for standard wine bottle sizes, the Bootle Holder's adaptable design can accommodate slightly larger bottles as well.

    Q2: Is the Bootle Holder suitable for commercial spaces like wine bars? Absolutely! The Bootle Holder's elegant design and durability make it a perfect fit for commercial spaces, adding allure to wine bars and restaurants.

    Q3: Can the Bootle Holder be used outdoors for wine evenings? While primarily designed for indoor use, placing the Bootle Holder in a covered outdoor area can certainly create an enchanting setting for wine evenings.

    Q4: Can I request a custom color beyond the provided options? While the available colors are provided, reaching out to Evka's customer support might reveal the possibility of customizing the color to suit your preferences.

    Q5: How should I clean the Bootle Holder? Preserving its elegance is simple – a gentle wipe with a damp cloth maintains its beauty. Refrain from using chemical products that could damage its surface.

    In Conclusion: Elevating Wine Moments

    As the aroma of wine fills the air and glasses are raised, the Bootle Holder steps forward as more than a wine rack. It's an embodiment of art, a statement of elegance that enhances every wine moment. Choose your color, find its spot, and let the Bootle Holder redefine how you enjoy and present wine. Just as wine enriches life, the Bootle Holder enriches the experience.



    Artistry in Wood: The Bootle Holder, crafted from five layers of natural wood, is more than a wine rack – it's a work of art that elevates the aesthetics of your wine presentations.

    Personalized Charm: Choose from a variety of colors to personalize your Bootle Holder, making it an extension of your style and preferences.

    Adaptable Elegance: Seamlessly fitting into any space, the Bootle Holder transforms kitchens, living rooms, and more, adding an element of sophistication to your surroundings.

    Dimensions that Speak: With a diameter of 17.5 cm and a height of 10.5 cm, the Bootle Holder makes a statement without overwhelming its surroundings.

    Evka's Legacy: Crafted by Evka, a brand known for quality and innovation, the Bootle Holder is a fusion of tradition and modernity, redefining the way you present and enjoy wine.


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