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Blossoms Solid Dining Table

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19 523 kr
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    Blossoms Dining Table - Where Simplicity Meets Versatility

    In a world where complexity often dominates, the Blossoms Dining Table stands as a refreshing ode to simplicity. Crafted from the natural beauty of solid wood, this remarkable piece of furniture is a testament to the elegance that can arise from the fusion of raw elements. With its graceful black static metal legs and the warmth of natural wood, the Blossoms Dining Table offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality that is bound to captivate those who appreciate the allure of minimalistic design.

    Unveiling the Essence: Nature and Metal in Perfect Harmony

    The essence of the Blossoms Dining Table lies in its harmonious combination of elements. The robustness of the black static metal legs finds an unexpected yet captivating companion in the delicate grains of the natural wood tabletop. It's as if nature itself decided to dance with industrial precision, resulting in a masterpiece that not only catches the eye but also invites touch and exploration.

    Versatility Redefined: Beyond Mere Dining

    This dining table is not confined to a single purpose. It graciously transcends its traditional role, inviting you to explore its versatility. Need a dedicated workspace that exudes style? The Blossoms Dining Table readily transforms into a spacious worktable, accommodating your tasks and ideas with equal charm. From family dinners to creative brainstorming sessions, this table adapts to your needs, becoming a canvas for your aspirations.

    Easy Care for Everyday Life

    Practicality is a hallmark of the Blossoms Dining Table. Life's messes are no longer a cause for worry. A quick wipe with a wet cloth effortlessly restores its immaculate surface. Whether it's the remnants of a culinary adventure or the traces of an intense work session, this table is designed to embrace the ebb and flow of life while retaining its splendor.

    Dimensions and Details: A Closer Look

    Let's dive into the specifics of the Blossoms Dining Table, understanding the dimensions and materials that make it a true marvel.

    Dimensions That Command Attention

    Width: 202 cm

    Depth: 74 cm

    Height: 75 cm

    Wood Thickness: 5-7 cm

    Despite its generous dimensions, the table maintains an air of elegance, making it an ideal fit for a range of spaces, from cozy dining nooks to expansive work areas.

    Weight That Speaks of Quality

    With an average weight of 85 kg, the Blossoms Dining Table stands as a testament to its robust construction and enduring quality. This weight not only adds to its stability but also reassures you of the premium materials that have gone into its making.

    Crafted by Evka: Where Artistry Meets Precision

    Behind every exceptional piece of furniture lies the hand of a skilled craftsman. The Blossoms Dining Table proudly bears the mark of its creator:

    Manufacturer: Evka

    With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship, Evka brings decades of expertise to every creation, ensuring that each piece is a work of art in its own right.

    Materials that Define Excellence

    Leg: Metal

    Table: Chestnut Timber

    The choice of materials is crucial in creating furniture that not only looks remarkable but also stands the test of time. The metal legs exude strength and modernity, while the chestnut timber table brings the soothing embrace of nature into your space.

    Where Can It Be Used? A World of Possibilities

    The Blossoms Dining Table is not confined by walls; it transcends boundaries and expectations. Its adaptability opens doors to various settings:

    Personalized Dining: As a dining table, it creates an ambiance of togetherness where meals become moments of connection.

    Inspiring Workspaces: Transform it into a workspace that ignites creativity and focus, making every task a delightful endeavor.

    A Symphony of Beauty and Functionality

    In a world of transience, the Blossoms Dining Table stands as an embodiment of lasting beauty and functionality. Its graceful marriage of metal and wood, its adaptability, and its ease of maintenance converge to create a piece of furniture that enriches your life in ways beyond the ordinary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Can the Blossoms Dining Table fit into a small dining area? Absolutely! Despite its generous dimensions, the table's design ensures it doesn't overwhelm smaller spaces, making it a versatile choice.

    Q2: Is the table's wood treated to resist stains and spills? The natural wood is sealed to provide a protective layer against stains, ensuring easy cleanup while preserving its charm.

    Q3: Can I use abrasive cleaners on the table's surface? We recommend avoiding abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the protective finish. Stick to a damp cloth for cleaning.

    Q4: Are there other furniture pieces that complement the Blossoms Dining Table? Certainly! Explore our range of Solid Furniture products to discover pieces that harmonize beautifully with the Blossoms Dining Table.

    Q5: Can the metal legs be customized in terms of color or finish? At the moment, the Blossoms Dining Table comes with the sleek black static metal legs, adding a touch of modern sophistication to its design.


    As you embark on a journey to enhance your living space, let the Blossoms Dining Table be your guide—a testament to the fact that simplicity, when crafted with care and creativity, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Simplicity and Elegance: Experience the beauty of natural solid wood combined with sleek black static metal legs, creating a dining table that exudes simplicity and elegance.

    Versatile Functionality: From family gatherings to productive work sessions, the Blossoms Dining Table seamlessly transitions between a dining table and a spacious work surface, adding versatility to your space.

    Easy Maintenance: With a quick wipe using a wet cloth, this table's surface is easily cleaned, making it perfect for busy households and creative endeavors.

    Crafted for Endurance: Designed and manufactured by Evka, the Blossoms Dining Table showcases exceptional craftsmanship and is built to last, with premium materials like chestnut timber and sturdy metal legs.

    Space-Friendly Design: Despite its dimensions, the table's thoughtfully designed proportions ensure it fits comfortably in various settings, making it a seamless addition to both compact spaces and larger rooms.

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