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    Enhancing Wine Elegance: Discover the Bootle Holder

    Wine, a symbol of celebration and relaxation, deserves a presentation that reflects its essence. Introducing the Bootle Holder, a wine rack crafted by bending five layers of natural wood, designed to elevate your wine presentations and add a touch of style to any setting. In this article, we'll journey through the details of this masterpiece, exploring its design, dimensions, versatility, and more.

    Craftsmanship and Elegance: The Bootle Holder's Story

    Imagine the fusion of craftsmanship and aesthetics, where art meets functionality. The Bootle Holder encapsulates this spirit, each layer of natural wood carefully bent to create a piece that's not just a wine rack, but a statement of elegance and artistry.

    Colors of Expression: Personalize Your Bootle Holder

    Just as wine carries a variety of flavors, your wine rack should reflect your unique taste. The Bootle Holder offers an array of colors to choose from, allowing you to personalize your piece and make it a reflection of your style.

    Adaptable Beauty: Perfect for Every Space

    The Bootle Holder isn't confined to one space – it seamlessly fits into various settings. Whether it graces your kitchen, dining area, or living room, its versatility ensures it enhances the aesthetics wherever it's placed.

    Dimensional Grace: Making an Impact

    Size is more than just numbers; it's about making an impression. The Bootle Holder achieves this balance with a diameter of 17 cm and a height of 20.5 cm, capturing attention without overwhelming the space.

    Weight and Significance: The Bootle Holder's Impact

    Weight often symbolizes importance, but the Bootle Holder challenges this notion. With an average weight of 2 kg, it carries the weight of elegance and significance, all while being light and easy to handle.

    Crafted by Evka: Merging Tradition and Innovation

    Behind every masterpiece stands a creator, and the Bootle Holder is a creation of Evka, a brand known for its dedication to quality and innovation. This wine rack isn't just furniture; it's a testament to the marriage of tradition and modernity.

    Embracing Nature: Wood's Beauty and Resilience

    Material choice isn't arbitrary; it's a deliberate decision that impacts both aesthetics and durability. The Bootle Holder's affinity for wood is a celebration of nature's beauty, infusing warmth and texture into its design.

    Preservation and Elegance: Safe Glass and Care Tips

    Preserving the elegance of your wine is essential. The Bootle Holder incorporates safe glass (tempered glass), a touch of sophistication that also protects your collection. Maintenance is a breeze – a damp cloth is all you need to keep it looking pristine.

    Crafted to Perfection: Timely Delivery

    Anticipation adds value to every creation. The Bootle Holder respects this sentiment with an average production time of 14 working days, ensuring that every detail is perfected before it reaches your space.

    FAQs: Addressing Your Curiosities

    Q1: Can the Bootle Holder hold larger wine bottles? While designed for standard wine bottle dimensions, the Bootle Holder's versatile design can accommodate slightly larger bottles as well.

    Q2: Is the Bootle Holder suitable for commercial spaces like wine bars? Absolutely! The Bootle Holder's elegant design and durability make it an ideal addition to commercial spaces, enhancing wine bars and restaurants.

    Q3: Can the Bootle Holder be placed outdoors for wine nights? While primarily designed for indoor use, placing the Bootle Holder in a covered outdoor space can certainly add a touch of charm to your wine evenings.

    Q4: Can I request a custom color beyond the options listed? While the available colors are provided, you can reach out to Evka's customer support to discuss the possibility of customizing the color.

    Q5: How do I clean the Bootle Holder? Cleaning is a breeze – a simple wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient to maintain its beauty. Avoid using chemical products to preserve its surface.

    In Conclusion: Redefining Wine Presentation

    In a world where wine holds a special place in celebrations and relaxation, the Bootle Holder emerges as more than just a wine rack. It's a statement of elegance, a fusion of art and utility that redefines the way you present and enjoy wine. Choose your color, find its perfect spot, and let the Bootle Holder become an essential element of your wine-loving journey. As wine enriches life, the Bootle Holder enriches the experience.



    Crafted Elegance: The Bootle Holder is a wine rack masterpiece, artfully created by bending layers of natural wood, blending craftsmanship and elegance for wine presentations.

    Personalized Expression: With a range of color options, the Bootle Holder can be personalized to reflect your individual style and taste, adding a unique touch to your wine collection.

    Versatile Charm: The Bootle Holder seamlessly fits into various spaces, from kitchens to living rooms, enhancing aesthetics wherever it's placed, and transforming any area into a haven for wine.

    Dimensional Impact: Balanced dimensions of 17 cm diameter and 20.5 cm height allow the Bootle Holder to capture attention without overwhelming the space, making a statement in elegance.

    Evka's Legacy: Crafted by Evka, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, the Bootle Holder embodies a marriage of tradition and modernity, redefining wine presentation.


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