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Large, Elegant, Modern Study Set, With Desk For Worker and Student, Bookcase and Metal Leg Dazzido Chair

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50 203 kr
Ordinarie pris
50 203 kr
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    When it comes to creating the perfect study or work space, aesthetics and functionality are paramount. You want a setup that not only inspires productivity but also adds a touch of elegance to your room. That's where our specially designed Modern Study Set comes into play. With a combination of the Ephesus Bookcase, a Black Large Desk, and the Dazzido Chair, this set offers not only a contemporary look but also practicality that stands the test of time.

    The Essence of Elegance: Ephesus Bookcase

    A Showcase of Style and Versatility 

    The centerpiece of our Modern Study Set is the Ephesus Bookcase, measuring 80 x 120 cm. Its elegant design and substantial size make it perfect for displaying your book collection, decorative items, or office essentials.

    Crafted for Durability 

    The bookcase features a metal leg that not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures stability. The table, also made of metal sheet, can withstand the weight of your items without a hint of deformation.

    Where Beauty Meets Practicality 

    The Ephesus Bookcase isn't just about looks; it's also highly functional. Its ample storage space helps you keep your study or office organized and clutter-free. It's a true blend of form and function.

    A Desk Designed for Productivity: Black Large Desk

    Expansive Work Surface 

    The Black Large Desk is a spacious 148 x 60 cm, providing you with ample room to spread out your work or study materials. Whether you're a student or a professional, this desk has you covered.

    Quality in Every Detail 

    Crafted with beech timber legs and an MDF top, this desk is not just stylish but also robust. It's built to last and support your daily tasks without any wobbling.

    Versatile and Stylish 

    This desk isn't limited to just work or study; it's also perfect for children's activities. Its sleek black design adds a touch of modernity to any space it graces.

    Dazzle with Dazzido: The Dazzido Chair

    Ergonomic Comfort 

    The Dazzido Chair offers more than just a dazzling appearance. With dimensions of 52 x 64 x 93 cm, it provides comfort during long study or work sessions.

    Aesthetic Excellence 

    The chair's metal legs and artificial leather seat not only guarantee longevity but also add a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

    Versatile Placement 

    Whether you have a dedicated study room, an office, or just a corner in your living space for work or study, our Modern Study Set fits seamlessly into any environment. Its sleek and modern design elevates the ambiance of any room.

    Specifications at a Glance 

    Here's a quick overview of the sizes and weights of the products in our Modern Study Set:

    • Bookcase:

      • Width: 80 cm
      • Depth: 40 cm
      • Height: 120 cm
      • Weight: Approximately 50 kg
    • Desk:

      • Width: 148 cm
      • Depth: 60 cm
      • Height: 75 cm
      • Weight: Approximately 50 kg
    • Chair:

      • Width: 52 cm
      • Depth: 64 cm
      • Height: 93 cm

    Crafted with Care (H2)

    Our Modern Study Set is manufactured by Evka and constructed using premium materials:

    • Bookcase:

      • Leg: Metal
      • Table: Metal Sheet
    • Desk:

      • Leg: Beech Timber
      • Top: MDF
    • Chair:

      • Leg: Metal
      • Seat: Artificial Leather

    Quick Delivery 

    We understand that you're eager to transform your study or workspace. That's why our average production time is just 21 working days. Your perfect workspace is closer than you think!

    Maintenance Made Easy 

    Keeping your Modern Study Set looking its best is simple. Just wipe the product surfaces with a damp cloth. Avoid using chemical products to preserve the surface's quality.

    Our Modern Study Set isn't just furniture; it's a statement. It's a statement of your commitment to style, quality, and productivity. Whether you're a dedicated student, a busy professional, or someone who simply appreciates a well-designed workspace, this set is for you. It's where elegance meets efficiency, and where work becomes a pleasure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I assemble the desk and bookcase myself?

    • Yes, our products are shipped disassembled, but the assembly is straightforward with solid connection points for stability.

    2. Is the glass used in the products safe?

    • Absolutely. We use tempered glass in our products for safety and durability.

    3. Can the desk accommodate two people working simultaneously?

    • Yes, our Black Large Desk provides ample space for two individuals to work comfortably.

    4. Is the Dazzido Chair comfortable for long study sessions?

    • Yes, the Dazzido Chair is designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, making it suitable for extended use.

    5. Does the Modern Study Set come with any warranties?

    • Yes, our products come with a manufacturer's warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Please inquire for specific warranty details.

    Transform your workspace into a haven of style and efficiency with our Modern Study Set today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your study or office to new heights of elegance and functionality.

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